The quick fix guide to repairing your phone screen

If you think about it you may recall it all in slow motion. Your mobile phone in your hand and a second later it’s falling towards the ground. You may thank your lucky stars if it is only a small little chip or a crack. However if you have smashed your screen you may want to get it repaired by mobile technician. If it’s only a little scratch that you are looking to fix the following can actually help you do just that.

A smashed mobile screen is costly to repair. After all you are paid hundreds of dollars for a device which is prone to damage at the slightest wall. The simple fact as to why the device it’s so delicate can be attributed to the fact that we want phones which have a maximum display. Then there is a question of an elegant design with slim edge and bezel less screens. This makes it difficult to consider things like durability of sturdiness when designing a mobile phone. It also boils down to the elastic energy which is later converted into surface energy causing the glass to crack. The force of the impact overcomes the surface compression and results in a stress which leads to the shattering of the screen.

It is due to this very reason why the manufacturers are constantly experimenting to get tougher glasses which are easily able to absorb the impact.

Phone screen repair the right way

The extent of damage to your phone screen can range from light scratches to entire missing chunks of class. You may have to deal with something like a shattered display or a broken phone. The first thing that you need to do is assess the damage. You may want to place your phone on a solid surface under a good light so that you can take a look at the extent of damage. You may need to do a bit of a stress testing and carefully prepared to see whether the screen is about to fall off or if it is failed completely.

If you think that your phone is severely damaged you may want to create a backup of all your important files and save it somewhere before the phone actually dies. If you are going to use the cracked phone you may want to cover the screen with the layer of packing tape and make sure that you line up everything carefully. If you are able to do it properly using an actual knife it might actually end up looking like a screen protector.

The next option that you have is to get your hands on an actual screen protector so that the spider web of cracks remain intact. Although it is a bit technical to replace the screen on your own if you are tech savvy you might be able to do it. You can actually get a step-by-step guide along with the photos. However if you are not two handy with small tools it is best to get it repaired by an expert technician to avoid problems.

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